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2863 Executive Park Drive Suite 106 Weston, FL 33331 954-650-3561

"My passion is helping individuals, couples, and families find a greater sense of connection."

- Monica Arroyo, LCSW- Weston, FL


My therapy practice has evolved in many ways during the past 16 years of serving individuals, couples and adolescents. I treat issues related to depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, anger, addictions, divorce and relationship issues.

In the past decade, I have been focusing my experience and love for counseling towards marriage counseling. I understand, both personally and professionally, how difficult relationships can be and how possible positive change truly is.

After going through my own divorce and really understanding how relationships can be affected by so many factors such as parenthood, employment, illnesses, finances and outside influences it became clear that there was so much more to learn and to figure out.

This is where my amazing journey began, it has taken me to learn about so many and important treatment modalities with the pioneers of the marriage counseling field. It became my passion to really understand how to avoid the common pitfalls that affect all relationships. Also, I wanted to understand more how even when there is love between partners; how resentment and miscommunication can really get in the way of a loving relationship.

After countless trainings, classes and presentations, I learned about EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) & Gottman Model for healthy relationships which spoke to me as a clinician and as an individual. It became clear to me that these approaches, based on decades of research as well as deep understanding of emotions that each partner has, are the most effective way to create positive long-lasting changes in relationships which result in a greater sense of connection, understanding and love.

I have found that my strength in my work comes from the amazing transformations that I see in a daily basis in my sessions with couples. In sessions, I offer a compassionate, nonjudgmental space for you to be exactly who you are without fear of criticism or rejection. From someone who has been there and has faced the unimaginable, I feel that I am really able to understand how difficult this process can be.

I have the skills needed to help you and your partner unpack your individual emotions and relationship dynamics, and I will never criticize or assign blame. I truly believe that every couple has good intentions to connect to one another, and more importantly, the problem lies within the negative cycle couples can sometimes get trapped in. I will work with you as a team to defeat the cycle and not allow it to take the best of the relationship.

This is another one of my passions. Being a mother of two very active teenage boys has been one of my most rewarding and challenging life experiences. I find that I am able to connect in amazing ways to the teenagers that I treat. Their struggles are real, their emotions are intense and many just do not have the tools that they need to manage their emotions effectively.

As a society, where our teenagers are being faced with so much social media influence about their image, their abilities, their sexuality and who they are as a group, it has become quite necessary to guide them as they navigate this very difficult path.

Being a parent of a teenager can be extremely frustrating and exhausting. By the time, many families reach counseling, they just don’t know what else to do with their teenagers. Please know that you are not alone.

This is such a difficult age, this is where I am able to help. Teenagers feel that their parents are just not able to relate to their struggle. In therapy, I am able to help them to make sense of what is really going on and to teach them how to manage their emotions more effectively. Change can happen and it does happen but it takes time. Your wonderful son/daughter will eventually come back to the version of them that you can relate to.

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