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"Our passion is helping individuals, couples, and families find a greater sense of connection."

- Monica Arroyo, LCSW, Founder & Clinical Director - Weston, FL

"Our passion is helping individuals, couples, and families find a greater sense of connection."

- Monica Arroyo, LCSW, Founder & Clinical Director - Weston, FL


Do you feel that you are struggling to cope with everyday life?

Do you find yourself paralyzed by the difficult moments of everyday life? Are you struggling with so much sadness that it's hard to remember happier times? Do everyday tasks seem to be all of the sudden overwhelming and just too much to handle?

Have you begun to question your ability to make decisions about your relationship, your kids, your job, because you are afraid to make the wrong decision? Perhaps you are going through a divorce or painful breakup and having a really hard time putting it all back together again….

Are you struggling with your parenting abilities; maybe things seem to be getting out of hand? Are you ready for a change?

Are you tired of struggling in your relationship? 

Do you feel that your relationship is "stuck" or that you have fallen into the trap of monotony? Are you constantly in turmoil with your partner?

Do you spend sleepless nights wishing that things could be better?

Do you sometimes wonder if your partner really cares about you?

Do you feel that your needs for closeness are not being met in your current relationship?

Are you beginning to wonder if the only solution is to separate or divorce?

You wish there was a better way, in which you could feel connected and loved by your partner again…

Are you tired of constantly arguing with your teenager?

Have you noticed a recent change in your teenager's personality, friends and school performance?

Are you seeing worrisome behavior that has you wondering if there is more that we are not seeing?

Does your teen seem to have difficulty managing anxiety related to school, friends and relationships?

Have you recently learned that your adolescent is using illicit drugs?

Monica Arroyo, LCSW

Monica Arroyo, LCSW, Owner & Clinical Director

Sarah Rohan, LMHC

Sarah Rohan, LMHC, Clinician

Daniela Dechamps, RMHCI 1

Daniela Dechamps, RMHCI, Clinician

Xenia Cabrera, LCSW

Xenia Cabrera, LCSW, Clinician

Roxana Ackerman, LCSW

Roxana Ackerman, LCSW, Clinician

Gloria Valdivieso, LCSW

Gloria Valdivieso, LCSW, Clinician

Rosemary Eljaua, Ed.S., Clinician

How can counseling can help?

Making the decision to start counseling is the first step towards growth.  This decision can be both exciting and daunting.  It usually means that things are not going the way you would like them to be. It is also a sign that you are ready for change. In order to create long lasting change, we have to take a look at some of the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from true happiness and fulfillment.

With the help of a therapist, you can uncover new skills to create a more balanced and meaningful life.

Let us partner with you to create the life that you envision. If you are ready to start a new journey then schedule a consultation today.

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