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Groups + Workshops

in Weston, FL

We provide a number of groups and workshops designed to support tweens, teens, parents and families.

Our groups and workshops will be addressing relevant topics about issues and concerns facing most teens & families today. From teen anxiety to parenting skills.

They are designed to help participants gain skills and tools to have a better quality of life.  


Our groups and workshops are led by experienced therapists teaching evidence based treatment approaches that are commonly used in individual sessions.

Group therapy will usually be small (6-8 participants), short-tem, strategy focused and can offer an added value to ongoing therapy sessions.

Taller de Crianza para padres - Jueves 23 de Febrero, 2023


Constantemente questionamos si estamos haciendo un buen trabajo con nuestros hijos.

Tenemos la tendencia a compararnos con otros padres y a veces terminamos sintiéndonos que a lo mejor necesitamos ayuda con nuestras habilidades como padres.

Nuestra clase introductoria de estilos de crianza para padres se enfocará en entender la transición emotional y hormonal de los años de la infancia a la adolescencia. En la clase se discutirá el concepto de regulación de las emociones, comunicación básica, las técnicas de negociación, el establecimiento de límites y dinámica de las familias.

Ser padres es un rol que jugamos de por vida y cómo lo hacemos depende en qué etapa de vida están sus niños. Capacitarse en las habilidades que lo hacen tener éxito como padre no solo lo ayudará a tener una mejor relación con sus hijos pero también lo ayudará a ahorrar tiempo y dinero.

Este es un taller facilitado por: Jesus Moreno, LMHC, Family Therapist.

Dirección- 2741 Executive Park Drive, Suite 4, Weston, FL

Costo: $50  |  Parejas: $85

📌 Temas comunes que los adolescentes están presentando después de la pandémia
📌 Técnicas de comunicación para entenderlos mejor

📌 Discutiremos los 4 tipos de estilo de crianza y que su efectividad
📌 Cómo establecer límites saludables con sus hijos

For more information please call our office directly at 954-769-1285 or email us at

Introductory Parenting Skills Workshop- Thursday, March 23rd, 2023 


Do you struggle with feeling like a good enough parent?

We constantly wonder if we are doing a good enough job as parents. In fact, we tend to compare ourselves with other parents and sometimes we end up feeling that we might need a helping hand with our parenting skills.

Our introductory Parenting Workshop will be focusing on understanding the emotional and hormonal transition from childhood to teenage years. It will also address emotion regulation concepts, basic communication and negotiation skills, boundary-setting techniques and family dynamics.

Parenting is something you will do for the rest of your life and how we parent is based upon the stage your kids are in.

Getting trained on the skills that make you succeed as a parent will not only help you in having a greater relationship with your kids but it will save you time, suffering, and even money.

This is a workshop facilitated by: Jesus Moreno, LMHC, Family Therapist.

Workshop location- 2741 Executive Park Drive, Suite 4, Weston, FL

Cost: $50  |  Couples: $85

In this workshop you will learn:

📌Common Issues that teens are facing post-pandemic
📌Communication skills to better communicate with them

📌Different styles in parenting and how effective they are
📌How to set healthy boundaries

For more information please call our office directly at 954-769-1285 or email us at

Teen Anxiety Group starting November 1st, 2023 (3 part series)

Copy of Be the Sunshine Motivational Quote Flyer (Postcard) (1)

Unlock Your Teen's Confidence: Join Our Social Anxiety Support Group! Is your teen avoiding social situations or seeking constant reassurance? They might be battling social anxiety. Our group offers a safe, welcoming space where teens can learn about anxiety, its causes, and effective coping strategies. The teenage years are challenging, especially with recent global changes, but we are here to help.

Our program includes psychoeducation on anxiety, tackling common thinking errors that fuel anxiety, and teaching various coping and emotional regulation skills. We also dive into CBT exercises, self-compassion techniques, and improve communication and interpersonal skills. Do not let social anxiety hold your teen back from friendships, dating, and school success. Join us today and empower your teen to thrive socially!"

This is a workshop facilitated by: Damali Reales, MSW

Cost: Please call the our client care coordinators at (954)769-1285 for specific information.

Ages: 14-18 years olf

Times & Dates: Starting November 1st  2023 on Wednesdays @6pm

This workshop has been designed to educate your teen on anxiety and help them acquire coping skills to better manage their anxiety symptoms throughout their lifetime.

*Group members will be screened prior to group attendance to ensure proper fit.

In this workshop your teen will receive:

📌 Psychoeducation on anxiety

📌 Common thinking errors that lead to anxiety

📌 Psychoeducation on communication/ interpersonal skills.

📌 Various coping and emotional regulation skills
📌 CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) exercises/worksheets


For more information please call our office directly at 954-769-1285 or email us at

Men’s Process Group Starting March 10th, 2023

Mens Process Group

This group will be focusing on mindfulness and communication techniques. The goals would be to enhance the participant's emotional regulation and assist with developing coping mechanisms while increasing communication and decision-making skills.

This is a group where men will have a dedicated space where they can be open and honest about the issues that impact them.

Different issues will be addressed including issues of what it means to be a man in modern society and what it means to have emotions.

This is a closed group facilitated by William Barney, Therapist.

Cost: $140 per intake session, $50 per group session (6 week sessions)

Times & Dates: Fridays 7pm-8pm starting 03/10/23.

Group Location: 2741 Executive Park Drive, Suite 4, Weston, Fl

*Group members will be screened prior to group attendance to ensure proper fit.

For more information please call our office directly at 954-769-1285 or email us at

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