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Why Online Therapy Sessions in Florida?

The option to have therapy through a secure video portal is not a new development. In fact, in the last couple of years it has risen in use due to its convenience for access and its ease in use. As we have recently been faced with COVID-19 and social distancing, this way of doing therapy has become a very important and needed resource to help families, individuals and couples faced with anxiety, stress and turmoil resulting from the pandemic and being quarantined for weeks.

What is Online Therapy?

Online therapy also known as Telehealth is a way to have your counseling session from the privacy of your home or work from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device (IOS or Android)

Online therapy is as effective and helpful as live sessions. For many, being able to have counseling from the safety and warmth of your home is quite appealing. Research now indicates that virtual talk therapy as a result of COVID-19 has become an important way to receive therapy services.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Find a place that is quiet and private. Just like in a therapist’s office, the space needs to be private and free from distraction.
  2. The use of headphones/earbuds help with sound quality.
  3. Most wireless networks work well but if you have a wired connection available it is recommended.
  4. It is possible that at times the connection may lag or the video may freeze.  All you have to do is disconnect and connect again via the link. If it does not work, the session can be continued over the phone.
  5. Please do not drive while participating in a session

As always, We are here to answer any other questions that you may have.  We are looking forward to meeting you in this virtual way until our lives and communities return to their normal state. In the meantime, stay safe, utilize the precautions recommended by the CDC and do your part to keep everyone safe.


** Due to laws set by the Board of National Social Workers, we are only able to provide therapy for clients living in the state of Florida**

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Online therapy can really help...

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