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Pride Month: After a Storm comes a Rainbow

By: Jackeline Garcia-

It’s Pride month. June represents the time of the year when we celebrate and recognize the impact that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals have had on history. Pride month is a time where the LGBTQ+ community comes together to celebrate the acceptance of sexual diversity. 

We celebrate “Pride” to give others an opportunity to be seen, heard, and accepted in the face of prejudice.


Pride can often be celebrated in several ways i.e, attending a pride parade, local pride events, fundraisers, becoming an ally, recognition and advocacy for the community or just simply being who you are and how you identify. 

Even with the celebration of pride, it is difficult to ignore the current issues that the LGBTQ+ community has been facing. Whether you see it on social media, the news, or hear it from a friend the LGBTQ+ community is facing some difficult times. Laws are being passed, bans are being considered and travel advisories are being announced.

It can feel like a scary time for the LGBTQ+ community. 

As we continue to face adversities it can lead towards negative consequences i.e, feelings of isolation, depression, anxiety, suicidal ideations, lack of self-worth or confusion.

Have you been experiencing any of the following symptoms? Are you finding it difficult to find a safe place to seek help? 

Here are some helpful tips to manage through these symptoms: 

  • Talk to a friend. 

  It is okay if we need to seek help from others, especially from those we love and trust. Find a friend that you trust. Talk to them and share how you may be feelings. 

  • Find a support group.

Utilizing your resources to find a local support group can make a difference. You are not alone in this, making connections with others who may be experiencing the same as you can be helpful. 

  • Journal about it

   Journaling has several benefits i.e., it can help control symptoms, improve mood, release your feelings and emotions in a healthy way. 


If you still find yourself struggling despite your hardest efforts, we are here to provide you with support. Give us a call today. 

Written by Jackeline Garcia

Jackeline Garcia

From Jackeline's bio...

“Her passion is in helping teens and individuals who are struggling with anxiety, depression, anger, grief and LGBTQA+ issues. Jackeline has extensive experience in working with both inpatient and outpatient Substance Abuse treatment Centers. She has been able to help countless individuals in their journey towards recovery. Jackeline understands the role that unresolved trauma and unprocessed emotions can have in an individual’s life.”

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