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Couples Therapy

Recover Your Love: Why Marriage Counseling Matters

“Why marriage counseling?” you may ask.  In a word: “disconnect.” Because relationship disconnect happens.  The honeymoon ends. Careers come between you. Bonds fray after the kids arrive.  And, before you know it, tension can strain your loving connection as time passes and life piles on one responsibility after another.  Consider your communication. Is sharing your…

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Struggling in your marriage? New rules for a good marriage.

  All couples have rules that they follow in their own marriages whether they know it or not. These are usually unspoken rules that were passed down from generation to generation through parents, grandparents and close family friends. However, when we look at some of those rules in today’s marriages, we begin to notice that…

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Ten ways to improve your relationship

Couple holding hands at the seaside

Ten ways to divorce proof your relationship In an era where the divorce rates keep rising, couples need to work harder than ever to keep their relationships alive and vibrant.  Using simple techniques in a consistent basis can greatly improve the connection between two spouses and decrease relationship problems. Meet and do things together. Schedule…

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What is your love language?

houette made against the sun and sky of a sunrise or sunset on a deserted empty beach

What is your love language? A sure way to build intimacy in your relationship. We are all familiar with the concept of romantic love and how it affects our relationships.  The desire for romantic love in our relationships is something that is part of who we are as human beings. One of the most difficult…

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How to avoid communication fireworks

How to avoid Communication Fireworks Good communication is central to being happy in any relationship.  It is through good communication patterns that our partners’ feel appreciated, respected, valued and loved.  However, for many couples good communication is hard to achieve.  Partners tend to get lost in power struggles, differences in opinion and unresolved issues.  This…

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