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Are you feeling disconnected in your marriage? Here are 5 ways to keep your relationship strong

By Xenia Cabrera

There are times when all relationships go through difficult times. Valentine’s day is a good reminder to work on keeping your relationship strong. When you think of the word LOVE, there are many ways to show your love to each other. Here are some good tips to keep your love alive and vibrant.

1- Communicate

Talking to your partner is an essential quality to keeping your relationship healthy and happy.
It’s not about small talk but fulfilling your partners needs. It’s about understanding your
partner’s point of view, offering support and letting your partner know you care through verbal
and nonverbal communication. Be open and honest. Let your feelings and needs be known. The
less that is left to guessing the less conflict there will be.

2- Do not avoid problems that bother you

Avoiding issues that bother you will only fester and may create resentment. Be willing to have
those hard conversations. Be respectful to one another when trying to resolve issues and be
open to input from your partner. Difficult discussions will lead to growth.

3-Trust one another

Trust is a fundamental quality of any relationship and is needed to make a relationship work.
You have to believe what your partner says and does for the relationship to flourish and
connect. When there is trust in a relationship, it’s more likely to stay strong.

4- Be kind to each other

Express your appreciation through words and actions daily. Make them feel appreciated by
calling attention to something they’ve said or done to make you feel special. Random acts of
kindness go a long way to strengthen relationships.

5- Have fun together

You’re playing for the same team- go out and celebrate every once in a while. Separate time for
one another. Have a date night. Find common interests. This is the person you have chosen to
spend your life with, make it fun and have fun with your life partner.

Sometimes, despite trying our best to improve our relationship, we may find that we are “stuck” in old patterns and behaviors that do not help us. These are the times when turning to a marriage retreat, a therapist who specializes in  Couples Counseling or a pastor  may be helpful to you. It’s never too late to start your journey towards LOVE.

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