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10 Tips for a healthy relationship. Get started today!

Love is Amazing! But we all know as a fact that each romantic relationship has its ups and downs. The good news is you can build a healthy relationship, but it requires awareness and effort.


Here are 10 tips on developing and maintaining healthy relationships:



If you don’t love yourself it’s impossible to love another person. Model healthy love by loving yourself first and foremost.



Be honest with yourself and your partner. Honesty creates trust which is a foundation to a sound and healthy relationship



Effective communication and problem-solving abilities are critical. Talk to your partner about your feelings and goals and listen at your partner. In order for communication to be effective, feedback  must be included. Communication should be clear and consistent.


4.Sexual Health:

A satisfying sexual relationship is key to most romantic relationships. Communicating likes and dislikes and carving out romantic time is important.



Enjoying personal space away from each other is a healthy part of any serious relationship give each other some space. It’s healthy to have your own space and friends outside the relationship.



Everyone makes makes mistakes. There are no roses without thorns.



we each have our own individualized struggles and difficulties. If we want to have deep, meaningful relationships, we absolutely must be patient with one another.



compromising can be mutually beneficial – in that you gain, not lose, through the concession. Compromising promotes happier individualized outcomes.



A willingness to stick with the relationship through momentary conflicts and difficulties builds trust and loyalty.



Set realistic goals and agreed upon expectations of each other, with a willingness to live up to those expectations.


If you find yourself struggling with setting these goals, click here to learn more about our individual therapy under our Services tab.  Sometimes, we get stuck in difficult places despite our best intentions. A skill full and knowledgeable therapist can help you discover your own “stuck points”. We are always here to help!

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