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Self Care vs. Self Indulgence

Self Care vs. Self Indulgence

By: Damali Reales

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “self-care”? 


Everyone’s definition of self-care is different. Rightly so, since we as people are all so vastly different! 


While we could probably spend an entire day listing activities that could be considered self-care, today I challenge you to think about the self-care tasks that are maybe less enjoyable. The ones that we may put off because we are feeling tired or overwhelmed, tasks like doing dishes or having a difficult conversation with someone. 


Sometimes we can get into the habit of putting these tasks off in favor of doing something more enjoyable in the name of “self-care”. 


Today I would like you to consider if there are any tasks like the ones above that you have been putting off. Maybe it is because those tasks are unpleasant or maybe because you find them to be overwhelming. Regardless of the reason, I would like you to consider how completing this task will help you. 


For example: 


If I clean my kitchen, I may be more likely to want to cook as opposed to eating/ordering out. 


If I prioritize physical movement, I may sleep better or feel a sense of accomplishment. 


If I attend my yearly physicals, I may be able to treat any conditions before they worsen. 



Yes, self-care definitely includes giving yourself time to rest and recover from daily stressors. 


Self-care also includes maintaining a sense of accountability and responsibility for the tasks that we need to do to function.


When I have a client struggling with care tasks, something I like to ask them to consider is how they would view these tasks if they were their caregiver. Imagine if you were in charge of a younger version of yourself and younger you REALLY did not want to go to the doctor. As the adult/caretaker, do you simply never take them to the doctor? Or would you try to explain you the child why going to the doctor is important? 


We are responsible for so many things in life, however, our ability to meet the expectations of work/school/family/life is contingent on our ability to meet our own needs. While it can be difficult, it is also important for us to prioritize these sometimes mundane care tasks for us to meet goals in other areas of our lives. 



Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or any other challenges, we’re here to help. Our experienced team of therapists is here to support you on your journey towards mental and emotional well-being. Schedule your appointment now and start living the life you deserve (954)-769-1285

Written by Damali Reales

Damali Reales is Registered Social Work Intern

From Damali's bio...

“Damali has extensive experience in child welfare case management where she saw firsthand how mental health and functioning are not only attributed to a person’s mind but also are influenced largely by social, political, and economic circumstances. Her goal is to develop a relationship/environment where her clients feel safe and comfortable exploring who they are and who they would like to be. She is not a therapist that wishes to erase external experiences but rather work within those experiences to help her clients build the life they want.”

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