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5 Activities to Connect and Create Meaningful Memories with your Family this Holiday Season

By: Samantha Brazen

The holidays can be so much fun, yet a bit overwhelming. This time of year we spend more time than usual cooking, shopping, traveling, and attending parties and events. With all of the activities this season brings, it is easy to get caught up and miss out on the moment. You and your family deserve the opportunity to slow down and enjoy this season.

Here are 5 activities that bring holiday joy and also help you slow down, connect, and create meaningful memories with your family this holiday season. 


  1. Take evening walks together and admire Christmas lights

This is the time of year that people start decorating their homes. Try taking evening walks with your kids once or twice a week to see some lights and discover new lights that have been up each week. Walking together is a good time to reflect and share about one another’s day.


  1. Game night Holiday Charades

The holidays are about spending time with family. Host a game night with your family where you play charades and act out some of your favorite holiday characters or movies. This is a great activity to laugh together and be silly with your kids.


  1. Family Self-Care Night

The stress that occurs during the holiday season is real. Even if it is positive stress (eustress), your body doesn’t know the difference. Practicing self-care is important! Run out to Walmart, Target, or CVS and purchase a facemask or spa-like item for you and your family to try. Ask each member to share what makes them feel calm and relaxed. Then have whoever wants to apply their facemask and go practice their self-care activity for 30-60 mins. After the time is up, have everyone come back together and share how their activity helped them.


  1. Family Movie Night

Movie nights are a popular family activity. Try making an effort this season to have a dedicated family movie night. Put each member’s name in a hat and each week draw a new name to share their favorite movie with the family. Pop some popcorn and afterward go around and share your favorite scene or character. Try to keep your feedback positive to show respect for your family member’s interests and choice.


  1. Ornament Hanging and Decorating

Making time to decorate and hang ornaments on your tree is a great time to connect with your family. Go around and ask each member to share some of their favorite memories from the holidays. Also, try decorating an ornament to represent that memory.

Please see below some links for ornament decorating kits:


Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season!

Written by Samantha Margaritis

From Samantha's bio...

Samantha approaches each individual she works with respect, patience and understanding. Her objective is to meet each individual child/teen where they are, and implement an individualized path of treatment that facilitates emotional and behavioral growth. Her areas of interest include treatment for anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive and related disorders, depressive disorders, and adjustment disorders in children and teens.

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