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Financial Stress: How to Know if it’s impacting Your Wellbeing?

By Monica Arroyo

Although it’s not glamorous in any way, finances impact our wellbeing more than most people like to admit.

Granted, this stress is mostly reserved for those who don’t always feel that they have enough money to cover the basics. And let’s be honest, financial stress can weigh incredibly heavy on a person. Yet, some people don’t always make the connection.

Whether you’re just scraping up enough to make ends meet or you feel stuck in the rut of debt, here’s how to know if your bank balance is impacting your overall wellbeing.

Your “Safety Net” Weighs Heavy

Financial gurus such as Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman shout the $1,000 emergency fund idea from the rooftops. Basically, this kind of greenback stash serves as a financial safety net for any unexpected bills.

However, when you aren’t in a position to save up six months’ worth of your salary or even $500,  not having a safety net can really weigh heavy on you. Plus, when something unexpected comes along, even more anxiety ensues.

There’s No Such Thing as an Easy Fix

Without a financial safety net, easy fixes simply don’t travel down your life path. In other words, unexpected issues can create mounds of anxiety, lasting for months on end.

It’s a twisted form of jumping through hoops, essentially. If you find yourself jumping through hoops because of financial stress, it could easily be impacting your wellbeing.

For example, if your dryer breaks down, it’s an enormous hassle to get it fixed or replaced. In fact, you might even have to wait for months for this to happen. In the meantime, you’re hauling laundry somewhere else to dry it or transforming your home into a giant clothesline—both of which are huge inconveniences.

Everyday Stressors Are Big Deals

Sometimes, it’s the everyday situations that cause the most unrest.

For example, some of your co-workers or friends might be able to go out to eat lunch every single day. But, you can’t afford that luxury. Instead, you must pack your lunch and find a way to keep it cold or hot. Additionally, you have to ensure you have the groceries to pack in the first place.

Some people might not think of this systematic and frugal approach as a big deal. Yet, when you’re forced into it, each little step can add more stress.

An Unstable Future Scares You

When you’re trodding through life bringing home a minimal income, it can be hard to imagine something more. For some, thinking about the future is incredibly frightening.

You might begin to think of how you will afford this or that. Although you might desperately need a break such as a vacation or staycation, you might worry about how you’ll ever make that happen. Or, how about something less expensive but more essential such as updating your computer or car?

Things like this can be terrifying when you struggle financially.

It’s Hard to Enjoy the Present

For those who struggle with financial stress, enjoying your life might be an unwelcome challenge.

This is especially true when you don’t have enough money in the bank or you know you’re going to be late on a bill. These types of situations can be anxiety-provoking, to say the least.

Even when your family is there with you, you might struggle with feeling like a failure or being inadequate. Despite being surrounded by people who love you, it might be difficult to enjoy their presence or those special moments because you’re constantly plagued with financial worry.

If you believe that you’re struggling with financial stress and it has impacted your overall wellbeing, please know that there is hope. Regardless if you have a pocket full of pennies or a safe stacked with hundred-dollar bills, you can still find happiness.

Reach out to me today for support in managing financial stress. I would like to help you feel empowered to live the life you want.

Written by Monica Arroyo

From Monica's bio...

I believe that our journey is filled with many unimaginable turns and twists. The key is to understand just how to deal with every single turn without losing our path. I know this first hand, not only from having relocated from a different country into the United States but also from having lived in different states from New York to New Jersey and finally Florida where I have settled with my family and children.

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