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Motherhood is hard and the struggle for most moms is real.

Are you struggling with “Not good Enough Mother” worry?

by: Jesus Moreno, LMHC

We all have sometimes wondered If we are doing things right as parents. In addition, there is tons of information online about how to be a great parent. All that might be contributing to you feeling anxious about you running your kid’s life because you might be the Mother your kid needs.


You are not alone in feeling that way since many parents nowadays feel overwhelmed by all that they are supposed to do to raise great and successful kids.


5 steps to manage parenting-related anxiety.

  1. Check the facts! When we are anxious, we tend to distort reality by seeing things worse than what they actually are. Check the facts means to evaluate the information that is triggering your fear. For example: If you feel that your kid won’t get a good job because he is getting B and C’s at school, you should realize that many kids that get B’ and C’ get good jobs.
  2. Not only focus on the results but also on the process. If your kid is doing his best at socializing and playing sports, it is not that relevant if he is the most popular kid in the school or if he becomes the number one soccer player in the county.
  3. Take into consideration that your kid’s behavior is not only affected by your performance as a parent but also affected by other factors outside your control ( genetics, personality, peer pressure, the community where you live).
  4. Allow yourself space to make mistakes and learn from them. Please accept that you are going to make some mistakes as parents and that is Ok. Mistakes can become a great opportunity for you to learn something new as a parent and to practice self-compassion.
  5. Do not compare yourself with other parents. Every kid is unique and parents do their best at managing their kid’s behavior, which means that what other parents do for their kids, might not work for your kid.


Keep in mind that being a parent is a process that never ends. In order to succeed as a parent, you have to be open to constantly learn and forgive yourself for your mistakes. 


If you feel that you are overwhelmed by your role as a parent or want to learn new parenting skills, feel free to call us to get you a complimentary 15 minutes consultation. 

Written by Jesus Moreno

From Jesus's bio...

Jesus believes in people’s ability to improve their lives and help themselves in cooperation with a therapist. His core skill is to create the emotional space during sessions so that clients can truly express themselves and find creative, realistic, and effective ways to navigate adversity and improve their lives. His approach to counseling is strengths-based and he uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Cognitive Restructuring, Motivational Interviewing, and narrative therapy, However, he believes that the most important aspect of his work is to create a safe emotional space for his clients where they can express themselves freely.

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