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Shining the light into on the darkness of Teenage depression

By: William Barney

You are not alone if you or someone you know is going through a difficult time.  Depression can come in many forms and impact everyday tasks from eating food, getting out of bed, speaking to loved ones, and even taking care of our hygiene. And currently, one of the most impacted populations today are teens when it comes to depression. 


Many are unaware that teenage depression can present in many different ways: anger, irritability, lack of motivation, and an overall change in your personality. What can cause depression in teens varies from school issues at home to issues at school or from issues from their peers. As a parent, it can sometimes seem as if a teenager is moody, but this could be a more significant sign of more essential things that are happening; for the teen, it can feel like the burden is too much to bear, and they may lack the motivation for engaging in self-care.


In these times, mental health plays a significant part in a teenager’s life, and what is excellent nowadays is that therapists are available for all people, including teenagers. If you feel like something is wrong, or if you are a teen who feels like you need to talk, then I say reach out to an adolescent therapist to look within yourself and see what changes can be made. It is essential for either the teen or the parent who is reading to remember that depression is natural within life, and everyone experiences it, but sometimes we need a little help overcoming some of the personal hurdles within our lives. 

As someone who has experienced and overcome depression, I’ve come to find five significant keys points in which therapy is beneficial for combating and conquering therapy:


  1. Therapy can help you learn life-long coping skills for depression.
  2. Therapy has the potential to alter how you connect with the people in your life — in a positive manner when feeling depressed.
  1. Therapy may assist you in reducing your depression and improving your overall well-being.
  1. Therapy increases productivity by establishing a relationship between it and pleasure.
  2. Chronic stress may be alleviated with the aid of therapy.


For the person who’s reading this, remember, you are not alone; even when you feel like you are, you aren’t, and there are those of us out there like myself who are ready and able to help.


Depression is not a character flaw or sign of weakness for you, and it is not something that you can instantly “spring out of”. It requires effort and patience, And sometimes a little help.


If you live in the Weston/ Broward area and feel as if you would like to learn more from a professional, give us a call at 954-769-1285 to set up an appointment.

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