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The coronavirus pandemic may be a public health challenge, but the physical distancing needed to combat the spread of the virus can be a challenge too. Now, more than ever, it is important to stay connected with friends and family.

While it is easy to feel isolated during this time, there are many ways to help remain connected and bring joy to various holiday celebrations within your circle.  People are finding new ways to stay connected during this time of social distancing.  Here are some examples:

Hosting at home

Hosting people at home is a great way to see family and friends without risking exposure to others in the general population. If you plan to host people in your home, try to limit the number of guests to 10 people or less.  Be aware of spacing between your guests and try to arrange spatial seating (6 feet apart is the gold standard). Be aware of your actions as you try to bond with family and friends while avoiding direct contact, including handshakes and hugs. Singing and loud talking or yelling should be avoided as well.

Online meetings

Schedule as many online (e.g. Zoom) meetings as you can with classmates, family and friends.  You can ask friends and family to participate in an activity of your child or family’s choice, whether that’s a specific costume theme, reading a story, playing a game, or simply sharing a meal.

Drive-By Car Parade

Ask friends and family to drive by your house at a certain time.  If the visiting kids have pom-poms, streamers or poster board messages, have them wave them outside the car to make it fun and memorable!

Cooking and Baking

Continue with holiday traditions by making familiar family favorites.  Engage with the wider family by posting photos of the holiday table before the meal on social media.

Places of Worship

Many places of worship including churches and temples, are offering their traditional and holiday celebrations online. Opting for online services is always safer during the time of COVID-19.

Secret Santa

You can plan a Secret Santa with your friends, neighbors, classmates, etc.  Search the internet for simple and appropriate ideas for your and your loved ones. Example:

While this holiday season may be quite different for sure, loneliness and isolation are real issues that many of us will face. Please reach out to your loved ones and friends for comfort and support. If you find that you are in needed of extra support, please  Contact Us

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