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Senior in High school to starting College…

Written by: William Barney


College-bound high school seniors may have unique mental health considerations. Adjusting to a new routine in an unfamiliar setting may be challenging and nerve-wracking. However, there are measures that your college-bound kids can take to keep their mental health a top concern. 


The first step to helping them maintain and improve mental health is realizing they are not. When dealing with emotional difficulties like stress, despair, or worry, seniors might benefit from meeting with a therapist or counselor.


It is recommended that students familiarize themselves with the campus’s mental health services since many universities now provide them.

Stress management and maintaining positive mental health are also crucial in college, making it essential for your children to adopt these practices.


Some examples of this include

  • Paying attention in the present moment, 
  • Engaging in regular physical activity, and 
  • Obtaining adequate sleep. 


Positive mental health may be further supported by maintaining a healthy body and avoiding harmful substances. 


Finally, your children should work on keeping their support network strong. Keeping in contact with loved ones and making new acquaintances on campus are great ways to do this. 


Seniors’; mental health and ability to deal with college life’s obstacles might benefit from their ability to feel connected to others.


Mental health should be a priority for seniors preparing for college. Seeking professional support, establishing healthy habits, and maintaining a support system can all contribute to positive mental health outcomes. By taking these steps, seniors can set themselves up for success as they navigate the challenges of college life.


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