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SUPERMOM-Helpful tips for moms with kids having special needs and disabilities

By: Lezlie Brezin

Sleepless nights, changing diapers, late-night feedings, and mounds of laundry are only a handful of the challenges in the world of a mommy. I remember sweating with panic when my mother went home after helping me with my first baby. An overwhelming surge of fear and anxiety swept over my body as I envisioned my role as a new mother.

Motherhood. The creation of human life. A life that is now your responsibility.
A responsibility filled with mixed emotions. Emotions of pride, joy, laughter, beauty, and unconditional love alongside feelings of fear, worry, doubt, and insecurity.
As mothers, we pray and hope our children are healthy, and reaching normal developmental milestones as they grow. First words, first steps… Lots of firsts and it is exciting and magical to observe as the front liners. Unfortunately, things in life do not always go as hoped or planned.

As we have all heard,” little kids, little problems, big kids, big problems. “


Whether it is mild speech or motor impediment as a toddler, a more severe behavior or attention/ focus issue moving into elementary school, or having mental health/substance abuse problems as a teen, we mothers need to adjust.
A child/teen with special needs, disabilities, mental health, and/ or substance problems challenges us, moms, to the very core of our being. Each child comes into this world unique and special in their own way with their own share of struggles. Some more than others.

Here are some suggestions for those moms out there who often feel they need to be SUPERMOM.


1. While it is only natural in a world full of moms, try not to compare your child with other peoples’ children.

Whether the topic of conversation is what preschool or university, sports team, or school club is, learn to accept your child’s challenges while focusing on your child’s strengths and accomplishments.


2. Fill your world with knowledge.

Research, gather resources, and learn as much as you can about your child’s disability. Knowledge is power and will allow you to be the best advocate for your child academically, socially, and emotionally.


3. Seek support. Do not be afraid to get help.

It is a strength, not a weakness to reach out for assistance. Pick and choose the family and friends you are comfortable confiding in. Set yourself up to receive support from nonjudgemental, compassionate people. Explore support groups of people who are experiencing similar experiences. Align with a team of professionals that can guide, educate and support you through this journey.


4. Prioritize self-care.

As a devoted moms, we give and give. The stress, fears, and intense worry can wreak havoc on your body affecting you both mentally and physically. Engage yourself in the art of distraction, stimulation, physical activity, and any other activity that
provides calm and peace to your world. Meditation, yoga, walking, and deep breathing. Grounding techniques and mindfulness are pivotal in keeping you balanced and healthy. Your overall health is paramount in the quest for your child’s health.

In conclusion, your child will never stop needing you. His/her needs will change and fluctuate throughout the years. From the basic needs to the more complicated needs. Empower yourself in your crusade in raising your child to be as independent, self-sufficient, and healthy as can be.

Yes, you are that SUPERMOM.

Parents may face challenges with their children. If you find you may need assistance, contact us today.

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