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Groups in mental health

Why do things alone when you can do them with others? The benefits of group therapy.

By: William Barney

There are a variety of psychotherapy approaches to approaching mental health, and one of those
options is Group therapy which is a great way to cope with your issues and make life changes. Five to fifteen individuals are often seen with one or more therapists in a group setting which is generally held once a week for about an hour or two.

Both individuals and groups may benefit an individual while working on one’s mental health.

Some general topics within the group settings are depression, social anxiety, drug misuse, anger, and other vital issues. The aim of holding groups is to boost social skills along with a broader set of difficulties. Countless people find relief in the company of others after undergoing a devastating loss, such as the loss of life of a cherished one, annulment, and estrangement when overcoming a significant life change.

So tell me, what are the benefits?

Group treatment offers advantages that individual therapy may not, and group members are often surprised by the benefits of group work.

Groups provide support and feedback. Other group members assist you in coming up with suggestions for addressing a challenging scenario or life difficulty and keep you responsible. Talking with others helps you put your troubles in perspective.

Few individuals freely discuss mental health issues with strangers. You may feel alone, but you’re not. Hearing others talk about their struggles might be comforting. Group treatment promotes diversity. People’s personalities, backgrounds, and perspectives vary. You may develop your solutions by seeing how others solve difficulties and create good improvements.

How Do I sign up?

Ask your current therapist for group recommendations and what groups you would be suitable for.

Here at the Family Therapy Group of Weston, we will hold closed groups for six weeks, with more groups coming soon.

Should you feel that groups would be a good fit for you for additional support, reach out to us at 954-769-1285.

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