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Vaping Dangers- What you need to know as a parent to help your teen.

By: William Barney

As we swing back into the school year since summer vacation, new fears and anxieties come from both teens and parents. For the teens, it’s the new school year, making new friends, and preparing for the oh-so dreadful tons of homework. For parents, it comes from other sources. It’s not school work or making sure they wake up on time; it comes from something that has been around for some time, called Vaping.

Vaping is the upgraded version of cigarettes; for many teens, it’s famous for many reasons.

In the mental health field, we have noticed a surge in the usage of e-cigarettes among teens, even though there have been bans on marketing and sales to minors.

A teen may start vaping often, ranging from peer pressure to feeling like it makes them feel “better.” One thing for sure is that vaping does not alleviate anxiety or depression but instead elevates it and causes one of the most vigorous addiction habits to break. Now we all know why someone should not vape, especially teens. The health risks alone are enough to cause concern for any parent. But the other causes are that your child could be suspended or even expelled. And on a mental health level, nicotine addiction also leads to other addictions.

One of the scariest things that can happen if your child chooses to vape is that it could be laced with fentanyl which is a hazardous drug and highly addictive.

Teens may more easily hide their use of e-cigarettes than traditional cigarettes since they don’t give off a discernible odor. The appealing appearance of vaping products may sway some children who would never try cigarettes because of their appealing packaging and tastes.


Many young people, especially adolescents, believe that vaping is safe, and it is simple for minors to purchase vaping equipment online.


If you have concerns about your child’s possible involvement with vaping, casual talk is an excellent place to start. You might inquire as to whether or not other students at their school partake in vaping and their thoughts on the subject. You may begin preparing children for the dangers by learning what they already know about it. In most cases, this is more effective than informing them that vaping is harmful. 

If your child is vaping, bring them to an addiction specialist or mental health therapist who will speak with them and find out why they started vaping and help them understand the emotions behind their actions. Nicotine addiction from vaping may be far more severe than traditional cigarettes, and it is one of the hardest addictions to break.

Remember, you are the first line of defense regarding your children. If you are ready to get help for you teen, contact us today.

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