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Tips for teens on how to create an unforgettable Mother’s day! No money needed just creativity.

By Marianela Bermudez

May is here and Mother’s Day is approaching. It is a day to celebrate that special relationship between mothers and children. It is also a valuable opportunity to spend time together, have fun and communicate better. Today, we will talk about some ideas about how teenagers can celebrate with Mom on this day.

  • Make a Playlist for her

    Talk to Mom about her favorite songs, take this opportunity to learn more about her, her youth, the singers and musicians that she loves, her favorite music. Then, create a playlist with her favorite songs.

  • Teach her how to navigate the Networks:

    If Mom is not yet an expert in social media and in the use of technology, you can give her one or several training sessions in these new technologies. Together you can create her profile on Instagram or Facebook, teach her how to insert photos and make posts. Also, you can share with her some tips about the applications in her cell phone 

  • Do some household chores for Mom

    Offer her a coupon to help with some household chores, that she can use when you both agree. Some activities that you could do are vacuuming the house, running errands for her, washing her car, helping her to fix the garden, or another activity that she requests.

  • Cooking together

    Preparing a dessert or other recipe can be a great. Spend some time together beginning with the planning of the dessert, the purchase of the ingredients and its subsequent preparation. And of course, enjoy that delicious dessert.  And do not forget to clean everything and leave the kitchen sparkling!

  • Going for a Picnic in a park or to the beach

    In these times, when it is important to share time outdoors, a picnic or a family snack in a park or on the beach are fun activities for Mom and the whole family. You can bring a ball, a board game, or go for a walk together. Stay the whole day and watch the sunset together!

  • Make an album with photos together

    You can collect photos of you with your mother and make a beautiful collage, or create an album that will serve as a memory for both of you.

  • Record a video

    If Mom likes to dance, an idea could be making a video together with a fun choreography. Make sure to practice several times and enjoy those rehearsals. If you add laughter and some snacks, you will have a very pleasant time.

  • Make a home spa for Mom

    Using natural ingredients like honey, olive oil or cucumbers to make a facial mask or to hydrate hair. Make her a nice drink like an aromatic tea or fruit juice and relax!

  • An afternoon with Art

    It is easy to find ceramic or wooden pieces in stores that can be painted and decorated. You also can create pieces using clay and mold some original ceramic pieces. This is a very relaxing activity where both of you can express your creativity, talk and at the end share a very pleasant memory. And if you prefer to surprise her, you can also do it on your own.

  • Create a drawing for Mom

    If you enjoy digital tools for drawing and coloring, you can make a special drawing for her that she can use as a background for her phone or on her computer screen. You can also use crayons, watercolor, or pastels to draw a picture for her.

Mother’s Day is a special day to connect with joy and gratitude with your mother, and it is at the same time an opportunity for her to connect with you and know more about you. Congratulations to the Mothers on her day!

Written by Marianela Bermudez

From Marianela's bio...

Marianela works using a psychodynamic approach that gives her clients the opportunity to understand their emotions, thoughts, and relationships. Marianela has great respect, empathy, and genuine interest in her clients.

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