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Love is in the air

Love is in the air- How to set your self up to find it

By: Lezlie Brezin, LCSW


Valentine’s Day. A day filled with gifts, candy, sweet text messages, emails, love notes, hallmark cards, and romantic dinners. Sounds wonderful and for many it is just that.

But for those who wish to find that special someone, it is not always the easiest task.

Love, connection, intimacy, companionship and passion are basic human wants and needs universal to all humanity. Finding that true bond is a challenge young and old face.


How can we set ourselves up to find just that?


1. Loving and giving to someone else begins with loving within. Confidence, positive self esteem, inner security within make up the pillars of one’s self. Feeling happy, exuding happiness, a smile all become contagious and appealing to those around you.


2. Self-reflection, and self-awareness are core components in understanding who you are, why you say what you say, do what you do and the actions and behaviors you choose. The decisions and choices you ultimately make, be they big or small. We all make mistakes. We are all constantly growing and learning in this complex society we live in. We struggle, we fail, we succeed and we win. We laugh and we cry. Knowing the process of reaching these moments helps us to improve and build upon our strengths and weaknesses. It is then we can understand ourselves better in relating and communicating in developing a relationship.


3. Get out there! My mother always told me, “You will never meet anyone sitting on your living room couch”. “But my couch is comfortable, cozy and warm, “I said. Personalities come in all sizes, shapes and colors, which makes for a colorful world around us. Show your colors, exude your presence, follow your hobbies and interests, experiment. Take some chances outside of your living room yet still within your comfort zone.


Whether it is a friend, lover, companion or a combination of all three, finding a bond and a connection can help bring more joy and peace into your heart and soul. There doesn’t have to be red hearts swirling in the air, or a hallmark card to say I love you, just a genuine, authentic feeling that comes from within. This can be defined by only you. If you haven’t found that special someone, enjoy the love of your mothers, fathers, siblings, family and friends and love will always be in the air.


Written by Lezlie Brezin

From Lezlie's bio...

Lezlie has always believed that “it is not what you achieve but what you overcome.” She believes that in this ever changing world we live in, individuals may be overwhelmed with stress, anxiety and depression due to a number of issues and circumstances. Her approach is to help her clients navigate through their challenges while providing a solution focused approach to help them gain the knowledge and skills to make positive changes in their lives. She helps her clients to become more self aware, to establish goals and empower themselves both as individuals as well as within their relationships.

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