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Are you feeling worn out? Here are 4 Positive Mental Habits to Maintain as the Pandemic continues

By Xenia Cabrera Coronavirus has brought up a lot of stress and anxiety. As we slowly transition back to some of our previous routines, don’t let your mental health become ...
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10 Tips for a healthy relationship. Get started today!

Love is Amazing! But we all know as a fact that each romantic relationship has its ups and downs. The good news is you can build a healthy relationship, but ...
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Be your own valentine: 5 ways to love yourself more.

By Sarah Rohan When Valentine’s Day comes, we think of heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, red roses, thoughtful gifts, and special dates. You may be someone who loves this holiday and ...
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5 Tips for Coping with Grief During the Holidays

By Sarah Rohan The Holidays are often referenced as the most wonderful time of year. According to all the holiday movies out there, this time of year allows us to ...
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Se acercan las fiestas… ¿Y qué hacemos? 5 Tips para disfrutarlas

El 2020 ha sido un año muy estresante. La pandemia nos aisló de todo y de todos. Convivimos con los muebles en nuestras casas durante largos meses, y despertó nuevas ...
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Coping with stress over the holidays in a time of uncertainty

Typically, our stress and anxiety over the holiday season is due to a lack of time, shopping, family gatherings and office parties. This year our stress and anxiety over the ...
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Wondering how to cope with the socially distant holiday season? 6 tips to make it safe and enjoyable

The coronavirus pandemic may be a public health challenge, but the physical distancing needed to combat the spread of the virus can be a challenge too. Now, more than ever, ...
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Are you having anxiety about your kids returning back to school? 8 Tips to prepare them for returning.

Both Miami-Dade and Broward County Schools are scheduled to reopen this upcoming week. Parents are facing a new to-do list in getting their children ready for school. Children have to ...
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Lockdown Procrastination- 7 Tips To Improve Your Focus To Achieve Your Goals

By Sarah Rohan There is notable irony in writing an article about procrastination while being near constantly distracted as I go about doing so—right? Well, here I am, writing these ...
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Feeling anxious while you wait for your Covid-19 results? How to tell if your worry is justified.

By Monica Arroyo It seems that everyone around you is getting tested recently. It may have been that a coworker, your roommate or your spouse just tested positive. The news ...
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